Film Production


dance not die

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“Quand le son crée l’image” film festival 2019


Time leaves an indelible mark on our bodies. Ruthless warrior, it constantly leads an assault we are born to loose. As we get older, we become weaker. And pain, in a gradual and cynical way, becomes a music to which we all dance daily. Yet, for professional dancers the battle is on. Fascinated by dancers’ bodies strength and beauty, I want, with this short film to show how dance can infuse youth in an ageing body and explore how the spirit- body connection can help transcend the weight of time.





Andrew, an exhausted salary man tries to relax at home watching TV when a familiar itch suddenly creeps back on his skin. Allergy, eczema? No, the itch seems to be a physical manifestation of his obsessive thoughts. If only his boss, Wong, would let him be...