All over China to celebrate the 150th anniversary of HSBC


Loosely inspired by British TV series "Whose life is it anyway?", the London based agency Merchant Cantos produced a 6 part documentary on the bank's historical ties with China. The idea: to have past and present collide in a "mise en abyme" by inviting current employees and personalities of the bank to reflect on the life of key characters and periods of the bank's history.

The Hong Kong Fixer was hired to help with the preparation and production of the China part of the shoot. Our crew shot on the streets of Hong Kong, Beijing, Xiamen, Qufu (where Confucius comes from!), Shanghai (sometimes causing quite a stir in the neighborhood), in skyscrapers and old Beijing alleys, in churches and old teahouses, and even in bullet trains and cemeteries...

The HK Fixer's value

  • Line production / Fixing / Interpretation

  • Crewing

  • Location scouting and management (multiple cities in China)

  • Logistics and transport

  • Permits / visas / general assistance