Bouncing all over Hong Kong with Iggy Azalea

JDM tuned supercars, tattoos, twerking and Hong Kong: that is the recipe hip hop star Iggy Azalea chose for her come back to her fans. She had just wrapped her show at the Dragonland Music Festival and was ready for some serious moves.

So, the brief that LA-based Luti Media sent to The Hong Kong Fixer team was simple: "Give me "sick" Hong Kong "Run N' Gun" style for an A lister."

What an exciting challenge for video and film production services machine! So we rolled up our sleeves and ended up shooting twerking dancers late at night on the streets of Mong Kok, got our ass kicked from legendary triad tatoo artist Jimmy Ho, found instead the great Lily Cash and her super cool tattoo crew, and corralled six supercars from the Copaze team (big up, you guyz are awesome!) on the most textured harbourfront docks the city has to offer.

Talk about "Run N' Gun"!

Director Lil Internet was ecstatic: "Awesome production value".

Here is the video:


and some behind the scenes:


The HK Fixer's production value

  • Line production / Fixing

  • Production services

  • Crewing

  • Equipment hire

  • Location scouting and management

  • Logistics and transport


  • Production: Luti Media

  • Label: Def Jam

  • Director: Lil Internet