This is NOT an interview.

This is a contextual conversation.


Cinema folks are at their best when they do their film magic. However, once the final cut is done and the film is out, it is the time for promo, which means long hours talking to press in a generic hotel suite. Day after day, a bit of a routine sets in. Often, they do not even have the time to visit the place they are traveling to.

So what if we could get a few hours of privileged face time with a major artist, share with this artist Hong kong (or wherever), get a masterclass in filmmaking and have an opportunity to create a micro film? All at the same time. That is what The HK Fixer's contextual conversations are.

Here is the full video of Jalil Lespert, director of the feature film Yves Saint Laurent, wandering in the streets of Hong Kong.
A big thank you to Jalil Lespert, director, actor and über cool guy who really played along, and thanks to all our partners who made this possible:

  • The Culture, Education & Science Department of the Consulate General of France in Hong Kong and Macau

  • UniFrance Films

  • Intercontinental Films