Racing around the World to capture its soul in images


"La Course Evasion autour du monde" is a TV show broadcasted in Canada on Evasion TV. Unlike many other "Elimination games" reality style shows, this one, for once, shows that this type of program can be entertaining AND smart. The idea is simple: contestants fly from one mystery destination to the next and are judged on the quality of the 3mn video they produce.... in a few days. After Fiji and before Korea and Nepal, the whole gang stopped by Hong Kong for a very tight and eventful 3 days of shooting. 4 teams, 4 video journalists, a prod crew made of Director Eric Santerre and DOP Maxime Pilon Lalande and of course, the one and only Terry Van Woroniak who has been the best working partner.

The show is hosted by internationally renown journalist François Bugingo.

The HK Fixer's value

  • Line production / Fixing

  • Creative research and copy

  • Location scouting and management

  • Production and direction of a airport shot