A Yin Yang Ghost story


New Territories, a no man's land between the communist China and the capitalist Hong Kong. Two women at the antipodes, two different routes. While Eve, a French businesswoman, is conquering the Chinese market with a new ecological burial method, Liu, a worker of Guangdong, is going to cross illegally the border to Hong Kong.

Director Fabianny Deschamps knew that The Hong Kong Fixer  was  the only production services company able to deliver the crucial shots she needed to support her story. A job that had us engage with the Chaozhou community of Hong Kong, chase ghosts during "Yuu Laan Jit", the hungry ghost festival and find fire on the streets of Hong Kong.

New Territories was selected at the ACID Cannes 2014, and was premiered in Hong Kong this year at the French May festival.

New Territories 800x450.png

The HK Fixer's value

  • Intercultural research

  • 1st AC

  • Location scouting and management

  • Ghost hunting

For more information on the film: http://www.fabiannydeschamps.com/new-territories.html/