Waking up the Insects


Stéphanie Lansaque & François Leroy have been creating truly amazing animated short films and collecting awards from their secret base in Hanoi, and if you haven’t seen their work yet, well you should definitely catch up on http://leroylansaque.com/movies/.

Their way of blending real footage with animation is unique, and their love and understanding of Southeast Asian culture resonates with our values here at The HK Fixer. So we were thrilled when they brought us on board of their new project in Hong Kong “The awakening of the insects” to help them bringing to life Mr. Fat & Mrs. Meng.


Hong Kong, March 5. Mr Fat is an old gentleman who has been losing his memory since the death of his wife. Like every day, he goes to his pawn shop where no customer has been in for a long time. But today, the day of “the awakening of the hibernating insects,” he receives the unexpected visit of old Mrs. Meng. This Taoist exorcist is determined to chase the demons lodging in the head of the old man.


Scenario, design, direction : Stephanie Lansaque & François Leroy

Production : Offshore & Arte France


The HK Fixer’s creative production value :

Voice-over casting and production