A Little Black Jacket. A symbol.


A crowd of fashionistas gathered this hot summer in Hong Kong for an exceptional event. When Chanel came to us with the challenge of helping for the high profile mission of the "LITTLE BLACK JACKET" exhibition, we the HK Fixer were ready to help. To create the teaser, we found the highest grounds in the city so that we could provide DoP Thomas Robin with cool atmospheric panoramas. This included walking on the back on the dragon at dawn in the fog (Kowloon = Nine dragons) as we wanted to offer an unsual point of view. When the actual event happened, it was time for our team to assist the production in multiple ways: preprod, line production and post. Ah, and Karl's aura...

The HK Fixer's value

  • Line production / Fixing

  • Camera Assistant

  • Crewing

  • Equipment hire

  • Location scouting and management

  • Logistics

  • Post-production support

I wanted to especially thank you for your help and the team you’ve set up gave us complete satisfaction. We are really happy
— Franck Lascar, Producer