Fixing for Morgan Freeman!

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Through the Wormhole is a science documentary television series narrated and hosted by Morgan Freeman, distributed by Discovery Communications and airing on TV channel Science.

Morgan Freeman's production company Revelations Entertainment asked the Hong Kong Fixer to fix an episode of their new season. It was a pleasure to welcome in HK Director/Producer Megan Parlen, and to organize the shoot in Polytechnic University's brand new Innovation Tower (designed by Zaha Hadid) and in some of our other favorite locations. The show will air Wednesday March 5th on The Science Channel at 10pm ET/PT (USA). Watch it to learn about the question of artificial intelligence and the future merge of man and machine.

The HK Fixer's value

  • Line production / Fixing

  • Crewing

  • Equipment hire

  • Locations

  • Logistics and transport