This is your time


In the age of constant interruptions, time has truly become the most coveted luxury.

It is now… time to claim it back. As Tissot ambassador and upcoming Mulan star Liu Yi Fei goes about her day, the presence of a Carson model on her wrist acts as a reminder that every minute counts, whether at work or when the time has come to join her friends at a wild rooftop party overlooking the metropolis.

And for us, at The HK Fixer, it was our time to come together as a team to produce with Soldats Paris and Creative Doing Agency this aesthetic dream conceived by director Guillaume Allantaz and his creative partner Wilfried Forestier. So we put together our best tech team ever, negotiated an unprecedented access to an awesome location, rigged a taxi, blew quite a lot of smoke and ended up exhausted but so happy after an intense shoot and a cool party of our own.

We’d like to express our warmest thank yous to our amazing team and our location partner for this project, The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel.



Line production / Fixing

Location management and partnership deal

Crew and equipment (shot on Arri)



Craft Services



This is how we did it



This is your time starring Liu Yi Fei

Produced by Soldats

Agency: Creative Doing

Director: Guillaume Allantaz

Creative: Wilfried Forestier

DOP: Boris Levy

Producer: Cecilia Kotula

Hong Kong Producer: David Attali

Stylist: Kellie Chan

Make-up Artist: San Chan @ Zing

Hair Stylist: Haffman