Wallpaper* x Pullman


When Wallpaper magazine, Somesuch and Pullman approached us with director Isaac Lock's treatment for a piece of bespoke content, we were excited and felt right in our comfort zone. "High rise" is an evocative poetry of the city, a wandering of a traveling muse acted by Lujza Richter (watch out for her as Princess Mona Braganza in the soon to be released Paul Thomas Anderson directed "Phantom Thread".)

Here is the film on Wallpaper* magazine.

wallpaper magazine and the HK Fixer.jpg


We love working with scripts and make complete video and film production projects based on storyboards. However, sometimes, with a dreamier type of works, the creative process is more organic and a lot may be revealed during the intensive recces our team provides. The city is a visual orgasm, a living, changing organism weaving the threads of thousands of stories. The city is liquid...And so the story was born: a woman surrounded  by brutal architecture, the  Christo like" wrapped" buildings , an intriguing encounter with Koi fish. This is what a global nomad may see in Hong Kong, while staying at the Park Lane, a Pullman hotel.

Want to see more? Here are a few behind the scenes pix. The two first ones are the start of a new series by HK producer David Attali " BTS moments". Thank you Lujza for the emotion and presence. You are beautiful.

The HK Fixer's production value

  • Line production / Fixing

  • Production support

  • Crewing

  • Equipment hire

  • Location scouting and management

  • Logistics and transport

  • Legendary "Total Mission Success" service


  • Production: Somesuch

  • Client: Wallpaper

  • Featuring: Lujza Richter

  • Director: Isaac Lock

  • DOP: Krzysztof Trojnar

  • Style: Declan Chan