While you lower your head



A Hong Kong Fixer microfilm starring 洪杰 Alex from EEG

The Microfilm Music project (http://www.microfilm-music.hk/) is organised by the Hong kong Association of Interactive Marketing with the financial support of Create HK. It aims at supporting up-and-coming artists and boost the growth of production companies with a creative vision.

For the second edition, the Hong Kong Fixer teamed up with director 曾憲寧 Anastasia Tsang and produced the microfilm "While you lower your head 誓不低頭", starring Emperor Entertainment Group’s singer 洪杰 Alex and 江嘉敏 Kaman Kong.

This microfilm is a social comedy and aims at raising the awareness of “Smartphone Addiction” and “Agarwood Protection” in Hong Kong.

Alex is a failed meticulous gangster with a smartphone addiction. One day, while he is absorbed by a social media rumour about the kidnapping of local girls, he suddenly realises his girlfriend has vanished. She has been kidnapped and he did not even notice! He is propelled on a chase to free her that takes to very heart of Hong Kong: its highly valuable incense tree forests. On the way, he only meets people who "lower their head", slowing him down. Will he be able to "look up" and save his girlfriend? And, who is that mysterious kidnapper that got him into such trouble?

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