10 reasons why there is more to your Fixer than carrying a tripod


What is a film and video fixer after all?

Ready to go and shoot at last! For weeks, months or even years, your production team has been developing this great film, this amazing ad, that awesome TV show or maybe a cool piece of video content for a brand. And what makes it exciting is that the story takes the viewer to a cool destination like Hong Kong… the viewer and... your crew. This is usually when the question of on the ground production support arises. International Film and Video production is NOT tourism (although some at the watercooler may think it is). It’s hard work. OK, it has perks, but if you consider jetlag, long hours, moving around and cultural shock while focusing on the shoot and the story, you get an idea of the added complexity of an overseas shoot. When it comes to local production assistance, the Fixer and the local production services company is often a crucial element of a shoot gone well. The Fixer is happy to carry the tripod but is in essence much more than a runner. Here are ten reasons why…

  1. The Fixer is a producer. He takes initiative and takes it upon him/herself to make sure your job is done to the highest level of production services possible.

  2. The Fixer is a filmmaker and is with you because he loves the industry. He chose this job.

  3. The Fixer is a creative problem solver and a negotiator helping your video crew get that shot.

  4. The Fixer cares about you and your shoot. He is a trained First aid officer, is mindful of energy levels…

  5. The Fixer knows the location like the back of his pocket. He is a local expert constantly scanning the city, its stories, its locations, its resources and vendors. The Fixer as human Google engine?

  6. The Fixer is a linguist. With him/her, no need for a Star Trekkie Universal translator.

  7. The Fixer is a swiss army knife of production. Depending on the production scale and its footprint, he is your AD, your line producer, your logistics manager, your AC, your DIT, your barista, your crowd control officer. Does save a bit of cash!

  8. The Fixer is a geek too. He/she knows his/her camera and other geek kit speak: ND, Boom, PL, briefcase dolly….

  9. The Fixer is your host, your friend, your sponsor in a foreign environment.

  10. The Fixer holds the door of the van, rushes to find that missing lens, finds and returns that cable, holds the umbrella to protect the cam…

So next time your story brings you to the shores of Hong Kong, Macau, China or even Japan, Singapore or Malaysia, don’t forget to get in touch with your friendly neighbourhood Film and Video production services specialists by sending us your brief here:


Oh, there is one more crucial reason why the Fixer is much, much more than a tripod carrier:

11. The Fixer is a gourmet who knows where to get the best food in the city! Peking duck? Napolitan pizza? Innovative cuisine in cool spots? and then.. the rooftopbars.