Breaking news: how your fast file delivery partner can make or break a story

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Fast File delivery

Our beloved Hong Kong has now experienced turmoil for months. The continuous protests for freedom have attracted a large number of international journalists crews to cover these historic events and our city , for better or worse, have become a daily feature all around the world.

Scenes on the street are spectacular and never before have we seen so many people rising against a government that does not seem to be in tune with what the people want. As foreign journalists are on the frontlines gathering amazing footage, one big question rises: how on earth are we going to ship this footage back home in time to make it for broadcast?

This is where our amazing Prost production services team and equipment comes into play. Consider us the Fedex of 4 K video in the digital age. Our fiber connection is the fastest in Hong Kong , so whether you prefer FTP, We transfer, Hightail or any other kind of file transfer system, we can ensure the story gets in time.

As an example, we are proud to have been a partner of 60 mn Australia for this powerful tale on the what’s going on in Hong Kong.

This is what Gary Mc Nab producer of the show, had to say.

“Thank you Paul for your commitment and utter professionalism. You were terrific! It was a pleasure to work with you, Cheers, Gary” .

Thank you Gary for this very nice comment.